Monday, January 14, 2008

From Anita's Class

These were the yarns I chose to use for the class. The idea was to have texture, contrast and a monochromatic palette. I see that I still had a hard time with the monochrome idea. My light is too light. The yarns themselves are luscious. The green is a super soft angora. Unfortunately the tags with brand and content information were inadvertently tossed after the first day. I think that I will probably use the units on a felted bag. I am still not convinced that the style of clothes would not make me look like a mushroom; as vertically challenged as I am ! That being said I was able to get two fabulous patterns that I might actually use for clothes at some point - if I can pull myself away from the siren calls of all the other obsessions I currently enjoy!


sandra wyman said...

What a beautifully colour-coordinated blog page - was this deliberate or accidental. Glad your class went so well!

kimy said...

oh I love that green!!

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