Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eagles on the WIng

Yesterday we were greeted by a host of wildlife. Three Golden Eagles, four Bald Eagles, lots of fox. I did not have the right lens with me - but got this shot of a Bald Eagle coming in for a landing. They were really breath taking - and I was happy that I had gone along for the ride !


Vicki W said...

Sooo cool!

Sue B said...

Oh my gosh Marie what a fantastic photo this is. Lucky you to have been there to capture this moment.

Jacq said...

Awesome pictures!!

kimy said...

you are in the epicenter of eagle land (at least compared to here)... great capture!

La Tea Dah said...

I have been enjoying the Bald Eagles in our locale this winter too! They are so large and majestic! They perch on trees along the river, or soar overhead and just seeing them fills me with joy!

How neat to see foxes! I visited South Beach once (isn't that the name?) and looked for some but it was really rainy and I as fortunate to see a rabbit!


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