Sunday, December 23, 2007

What To Do With Decorator Fabric Samples

I love decorator's fabric samples. I have no idea why I do - but I do. People are kind & give them to me when they come across them & occasionally I unearth one at a second hand store. These sample packs can be small and colorful like the one in the photo- or large & flowery. The fabric can be removed from the case - though sometimes you need to remove a bit of gunky glue from the very top of the piece, but the fabrics are superior quality and very usable - but usable for what is always the question I face !
I often like to make small bags with them - and I use them for backings a lot in my smaller quilts. Today I was looking at the mess that has become my knitting needle storage & decided that I needed to "neaten" them up a bit. I used 3 pieces of a sample book for this case that will hold some of my double points and a few bamboo straights too. I will soon tackle the larger problem of my circular needle storage in the same way. These are fast to make and work quite well to make needle storage both tidier as well as more colorful!


Sue B said...

an excellent use of those pieces!

Angelcat said...

Your needle bag is beautiful, what a great way to use those fabric pieces, so pretty!

StegArt said...

Great idea. One of these days I should make something for storing my knitting needles in.

Sandy said...

Good idea. I collect the sample pieces too and need something for the double pointeds. Sandy

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