Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gifts that are Perfect

I have been lusting for a better digital camera for some time now. The first digital I got was in 1997 - and it was a Kodak. Good for it's time. Next,I got a Sony Mavica (also a gift from DH) -it is still a great camera - 4mp - uses mini cd's that don't work in my Mac. Next, was a small Olympus 4mp that we bought from a friend whose wife wanted something even smaller. I have been using that one for several years now - and it is always handy because I can carry it in my bag. I am a loyal Nikon user though - and have many Nikon SLR's (F ,FA,FE,6006 & F4S)that I have kept over the years. The F4S was just TOO heavy to carry around all of the time - and I find that I seldom take film photos any longer (sad but true) - so I had been wanting a Nikon DSLR very badly. Ta Da!!!! Now, thanks to DH, I have one - and JUST the one I wanted too. The D80 is a very versatile camera, light enough even with a long lens to tote around quite comfortably. I am thrilled. There will be a bit of a re-learning curve but I am so excited ! It's light enough to always be able to carry with me. I even got a couple of extra lenses and an ultra light tripod. YIPPEE ! I am going to make it it's own special felted case. I may even have to name this camera- I love it that much !

I am known to love socks , color and cats (not necessarily in that order) and a couple of my friends gifted my with cat socks! Lauren gave me a pair of the softest gloves I have EVER those ultra soft, plush socks you can get these days - but for your hands ! They are in a favored teal volor too !

Janet gifted me with two sheep - well - in my name anyway - through the Heifer Project. She knows how much I love sheep and wool. What a wonderful gift!

Sarah sent some of her luscious hand dyed fabrics - and a pair of dyed orange socks that are "the cat's meow" ! Will I be able to cut this stuff is the question ! She was disappointed, I think, that I had not sent hert af elted bag. I honestly did not think she would like to have one ! I stand well corrected and told her I will send her a bag - just made for her.

Bose !! WoW Bose! I never expected this gift - Bose over the ear head phones that make my IPod sound like heaven on earth. I am, truly, very surprised at the quality of the sound that these head phones produce. A amazing difference -- no kidding ! Lauren is the one who suggested these to DH. She got a pair - and I knew I could not afford to get them .

I was certainly blessed with many riches this year - and am gratefuyl for each and every thing !


kimy said...

have fun with the new camera! always good to drop hints! I received the digital camera of my dreams in 2005 (the year I turned 50) I jokingly remarked to my husband "if you really love me you'll get me the canon rebel digital" (I already had the canon rebel film slr) he laughed and said he really loves me, but.... however, I made the remark while we were at dinner with a couple friends. my girlfriend remembered the remark and a few months later she organized both a surprise birthday party and a collected 'donations' from 30 of my friends (including my dear sweet husband who like his adoring wife, that would be me is always broke!)and voila I did receive the camera of my dreams! I still pinch myself!

thanks for letting me know what the dreamscape islands are! I love the san juans, never heard them referred to that before, but they truly are dreamscapes! one of my favorite mind's eye images is from a few years ago of watching orcas at play jumping and frolicking at twilight with what I considered a rare summer lightening storm in the background. we were on san juan island - it was a magical and magnificent sight! you are blessed to be living out there!! you can call me kermie!

thanks for the add! I returned the gesture - may the circle be unbroken, by and by....

Lynn Douglass said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I got socks too, and a Laurel Burch mug to match! Low and behold, they have cats on them. LOL. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

doni said...

Good Friends give the best presents - and of course, DH is one of our best friends.

Happy New Year!

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