Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Thing To Do With Decorator Fabric Samples

Which looks better? The empty box above - or the flowered fabric below?!
At some point I needed a place to throw yarn & thread snips and I grabbed the thing that was most handy at that moment - an empty garbage bag box. It worked but it sure was disreputable looking ! My friend, Bonnie, uncovered a large roll of what I think is Peltex (or something like Peltex) during her daily breeze through the local thrift store. She said that she did not have a use for, but thought I might be able to use it . YES !! She sold it to me for $10.oo. Actually, she did not want anything for it - but I had to at least give her what she paid for it ! I wanted to experiment with this stuff a a bit -- and I still had this pile of decorator fabric samples lurking on my sewing table. Voila ! - a somewhat less onerous looking snip catcher. The paper that is still stuck to the fabric in the photo is from being attached to the sample book - it does come off. I wanted the front to bow a bit - easier to get the snips into that way. I might have to have a "do-over" to make the stitching nicer and all - but this is better than the old box I think - by far!

The Peltex -y roll will work wonderfully for bowls, cards, lots of things. It was a great find & I am so happy that Bonnie thought to snatch it up ! Thanks Bonnie !


jenclair said...

What a good idea! I have plastic bags clipped to my cutting table and to my sewing table. I'm always admiring the lovely bags that others use for threads, etc. and have never bothered to make any.

The "stand alone" aspect of your bag is a great idea for scraps. Good job, Marie.

(Ooops, you can tell I've been grandmothering lately with that last sentence, but it has become a standard phrase in my vocabulary).

Vicki W said...

Yes, I'd say that's a tad bit more attractive than the box! I really love the design with the one side bosed out.

Sue B said...

nicely done! what a great idea.

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