Sunday, July 8, 2007

Old Fashioned Clothespin Bag

My friend ,Lauren, asked me for a clothespin bag as a house-warming present. She has rediscovered the pleasures of the greatest clothes dryer of all - el sol. We have recently been blessed with a bounty of warm sunshine. I vaguely remembered what a clothespin bag was supposed to look like and so I made a pattern and stitched it up using some fun oil cloth that was on sale at SewMamaSew and a vintage wooden hanger. I think it looks like what I remember and should hold all of the clothespins a person might need. I hope she will like the result. Maybe there is a market for these ?! I am adding a couple of other little goodies to her house warming - but she needs a surprise !

Meanwhile, Mr. T, our Samoyed, was hoping that the cooler weather weather would reappear soon and the Wisteria was threatening to take over the garden - despite the very dry weather !

1 comment:

Robin said...

Just like Grandma's! What a lovely gift... and yes, I think there would be a market for these!

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