Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Buddy Bart

Bart, aka Mr B., wandered in about 10 years ago - and the vet figured he was about 3 years old at that time. I have no idea where he came from - no one claimed him. I think he was left to fend for himself - or perhaps ran away. Thankfully he was already neutered. Bart and I claimed each other - despite the fact that I was not wanting another feline friend in any way shape or form at that point in my life!

Bart seems to get anxious when I go to work. When I get home he generally is not too far from me - and he sticks to me like glue at bedtime. He likes a pillow and he likes to put his paw out to touch me - just to make sure I am there ... and he takes up a good half of my side of the bed !
Bart had his own Journal Quilt Page last year - and below you can see both the front and the back .....The thread painting does not show up in this photo of the front very well - but does on the back .... I am so glad Bart claimed me as his person !


Sue B said...

Bart is a beautiful cat!

QuiltingFitzy said...

I had a cat once who always had to touch my face. I gathered it had been separated from it's mother at too young an age...dunno. I thought it was sweet (but seriously drove me nuts!).

Kristin L said...

I thought I was the only one with a cat who liked to "touch!" It took me nine years to figure out that if I put a pillow for him above my head, he wouldn't try to share my pillow. He still reaches out to put a paw on me though, and follows me like a puppy. www.kristin

sandra wyman said...

My cat Nibs (the one who's just lost his sight) loves to sleep on the pillow - like Kristin, there is now a double pillow at the top of the bed. Bixy sends best wishes to Bart!

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