Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Case of Obsession

I must be becoming obsessed with making these small cases. So much fun and such relatively instant gratification ! This one is , of course, needle felted with my trusty Pfaff Smart 350 - I have become increasingly fond of this machine's smooth operation and strong, quiet motor. I really agonized over choosing the Pfaff over the Babylock Embellisher. The fact that I really like our Pfaff Dealer (even if I do I own Bernina sewing machines now!) helped me decide - and of course it was a wonderful gift from DH.

I used Madeira polyneon thread for the quilting and then added some Stewart Gill glitter. SG glitter is different that any other type I have ever used - which ,granted, is not that many since I was never fond of glitter before this. SG glitter seems much finer to me that other brands and adheres very well. I used a gel medium with this project but am planning to try SG Beadhesive (which is, of course, recommended) next time I place an order.

I lined this one in a Chartreuse Dupioni silk - not sure if I prefer them lined or unlined. The lining is nice but I love the look of the quilted needle felted wool too. Finally, I braided some like colored yarns, needle felted them a bit for cohesiveness, and then added a few beads along the length of the cord for a it sparkle.

Anyone think there is a market for these? I'm running out of friends that need a case for their IPod or cell phone !


Sue B said...

Love this little pouch!

Waltraud said...

This is so phantastic, I also love these needlefelting!

Dianne said...

What a gorgeous little pouch. Just loving it!!!!

jenclair said...

I've been browsing through all of your needle felting (everything is beautiful, and I love this pouch!).

Why did you decide on a Pfaff? I've been pricing and sourcing needle felting machines and can get the Baby Lock and Janome locally (and the Husquevarna, I think). The closest dealer for Pfaff would require a road trip...not necessarily a bad thing.

My birthday and anniversary are both coming up, but I'm not sure that I want to wait another month!

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