Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cleo in Repose

This is one of our little divas. Her name is Cleo - she came with my husband. Being a red head - she has a mind of her own and it took her some time to adjust to me. After 11 years however, she has decided that I am not so bad. She like to curl up in her basket - dreaming no doubt of the latest way to terrorize her provisioners (us). The photo below is of the Journal Quilt of her I did for last years project. My cat series.
I have been in a bit of a funk recently- with no reason for it either. I am working on three small pouches that I should have photos of soon. I like this batch and am taking my time with the beading. I am also working on another piece - the one that was brewing in my head for many years. After I looked at the portions I had painted I decided that it was not working on the cloth that I had chosen to paint... so what to ? what to do? Start Over ? Cut it all up? Throw it out? Hummmm. I decided to cut out the portions that satisfied me and use them - and throw the rest away. I pieced kimono silks (I get a monthly "present to myself" from Ah! Kimono) and am currently hand appliqueing the saved elements onto the new silk ground - once again it is time consuming and would not look like much at this point if I posted a photo ... but I'll have something to show for all of this time soon !


Gail said...

Love Cleo!! Boy, she is pretty elderly....I thought my cat, Odi, is old at 9 yrs! I'm just trying to figure out where you squeeze in the time to complete all your you sleep at all?

Cathy said...

Oh, Marie, I happened to click on your blog just as my orange long-haired boy wandered past. Julius O'Ryan Neri thinks he and Cleo would make a wonderful cross-country couple!
Re: the funk...snap out of it!
Sending hugs,
Cathy in NE PA (who has been known to have a fine funk or two of her own)

homemakerkate said...

Wow kitty journal looks so Real! and I must add that the colors/designs on the felted work just plain makes me happy.

sandra wyman said...

I love the way your journal pieces convey the cats' characters!
And don't worry about the funk - I can outfunk you anyday!

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