Friday, July 6, 2007

Another Vintage Treasure

Here is another quilt top that I have had out for an airing. It is beautifully hand stitched and double sized . My favorite colors, aside from all of the "ick" greens in the world are yellow, orange and red - so of course I had to have this one ! This was when I was working full time - so whims like this were more feasible then ! The fabrics are all in excellent condition and the stitches are all strong - there are a couple of small age spots but that's all. It's a cheerful piece. When I look at these vintage tops I really like to imagine what the person who made them was like. Young? Old? Adventurous or sedate ? Were the scraps from clothes - and if they were what did the clothes look like?

I take a pretty radical approach to these vintage pieces - and generally wash them when I get them. I have never had one fail to look better and seem to appreciate the sudsing and gentle care. I love these pieces - they always bring me lots of smiles.

1 comment:

Beth C. Sibbett said...

I have just received from a friend three different vintage quilt blocks set together a long time ago by hand by a long forgotten somebody. The Another Vintgage Treasure, is one set I have and now, because of your site, I know how to set them together. Thank you.

Beth Sibbett

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