Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spirit Dolls

Thanks to a class with Robin Atkins ( & quite some time ago I started making these little beady dolls. Dolls are not really my thing - but I enjoy these. None of them are really finished yet.

The one in the middle was made from the very first fabric I ever dyed. I can see how tentative I was ! I wanted it to be a chakra doll - hence the crystals on the front. It was also the first one I ever beaded - so the edging is also very restrained. I did get a bit wild on the hair - feeling my beady way to a comfort level. I added some charms that had meaning. A shark's tooth that I found on a Florida beach during my last visit with my father, ditto a piece of abalone that I had found on another beach - and a heart to symbolize --- well to symbolize my feelings.

The orange doll is also from my hand dyed - and my beading was making strides - a lovely ruffled edge and a polymer clay face. Lots more to do on this one. The white is on linen - a truly lovely fabric. It's the youngest of this trio and is most definitely a WIP work in progress). The two below may remain orphans - they have not clicked for me and I am not sure I want to continue working on them ... but somehow it seems wrong to throw them out too .. that must be the "spirit" part of making a spirit doll ! One thing is certain though - I won't start making any more of these (I have a new shape I want to use) until these are ALL finished !

1 comment:

Sally L. Smith said...

I especially like the dolls with faces. Faces give them more personality. What fun! Sally

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