Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spinning Success

I am pleased to announce that I have had a successful day of spinning ...the memory cells have been jogged and I am, once again, in love with spinning. Here is a photo of the spun yarn. My first in over 25 years ! Of course, I just had to try it on knitting needles right off the bobbin. I grabbed the nearest pair of needles - US5's - and this is what a got. A nice thick and thin with slubs that I think will look awesome. I still have lots to learn that's for sure !

I'm going to experiment with this on a small felted case when I have another bobbing filled. Jeeze - now I'll need a nifty niddy noddy too...oh and some hand cards. Uh oh ! More stuff!

1 comment:

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Beautiful, wonderful, amazing...

you, the spinning, the yarn, the knitting....

Hugs and hope your bad week is getting less bad,


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