Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cell Phone Cases

Cell phones are ubiquitous these days - as is the need for a carrier for them. Most of the cases I have seen are downright boring - if not relatively ineffectual as well. That holds true especially for flip phones - nothing really works functionally for those. I started making felted cell phone covers last year - about the same time that I was bitten by the needle felting bug. The cover in the photo above is the first one I made - it fits my handy Motorola flip phone very well. I used the very first lamp worked bead I ever made for this one. Two firsts in one cell cover package!
Making lamp worked beads is about the most legal fun a person can have - and I dream of I time when I will be able to make some more - which equates into a dream of having time - and the considerable money it would take to set up !

The next two photos are of a couple of relatively recent cases - one I made for myself - the summer fashion version for my Motorola (yes, with another lamp worked bead !)- and the other was for a friend who has a larger, non-flip style Nokia.... hummm I don't think I have seen her use it yet .. or maybe I am just not in her office enough to notice ! I added some Angelina to hers. I love making these bags! They are fun to make, quite functional, and they add a little bit of style to an everyday object. I am thinking of making some of these to sell, but wonder if there is a market. Anyone have any thoughts ? Would you use one?

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